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Janey Dunn

​In my early years I was drawn in the direction of animation, a childlike attraction probably. It became a journey of learning, discovery and observation - honing the art of movement, character and storytelling onto paper and screen. I settled into various roles in the creative process, gaining a few hard earned yards in drawing along the way. The range of studios over these years was diverse, but a large part of my experience was spent at both Walt Disney - a ten year ride, and a small and talented Australian studio, Halo Pictures, also over ten years. Halo Pictures created animated content alongside Passion Pictures London, and Wildbrain San Francisco, among other national and international studios and clients.


Later in my animation career, I crossed backwards and forwards from being a creative, an animator, a director, a production manager and a tutor. 


Whether in an animated feature production, a short film, a clip, a series or tvc, animation production is largely a collaborative work, a work of talented, specialised artists, together.


In the past I’ve been a contented creative team player. I still love animation, but to put myself and my work out as an individual is the direction I've been following lately. I am still developing and playing with what is fairly new medium to me, and there is other mixtures of media I am still wanting to explore.


Presented here are some of my recent works and one on the go.



.. in the meantime, shaking out with a little swing :)