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Tina Fraser

Tina is a city girl who moved to an army hut in the bush near Beechworth in 1980. It had no plumbing, no electricity and no indoor toilet.  A dream come true!  An interest in crafts blossomed when she joined the Beechworth Arts Council and took workshops in paper making,  basket weaving, life drawing, sculpture and the like.


Tina is now primarily a gardener and nursery operator. Her camera has principally been a tool for her business.  In recent years she has used her photography to celebrate her love of nature, plants, animals and wildlife.


Tina’s photography tends toward the ‘artistic’ side rather than the ‘magazine/journalistic’ style. Mostly her photographic work involves an amalgam of nature, colour, light and technology.  She tries, by tampering with ordinary photographs, to cause the viewer to stop and investigate more carefully an image of which they might not notice.


By using the computer she tries to emphasise, or even shock or surprise, the viewer with its enhanced texture or colour.



Tina Fraser

Out of Town Nursery & Humming Garden

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