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The Art Society is a non-profit organisation, located in Beechworth, Victoria. It was officially opened in November 2017 in a two-storey building set among the beautiful gardens of the former Mayday Hills Asylum. A small team of talented artists and supporters, with a wide range of skills and experience, put in a great deal of effort to transform a once neglected building into a comfortable environment that includes 14 studios, two galleries, classroom, library, sitting areas, Mayday Hills archive, printmaking room, the Upstairs Playhouse theatre and film cinema.

The Society's mission is to be a centre of excellence in the arts and sciences. Its aim is to provide innovative activities to encourage creativity, advance the talents of people in the visual and performing arts, sciences and environment and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas to benefit the communities of northeast Victoria.


Why art and science at MDHAS?

MDHAS is first and foremost an arts organisation. The idea to introduce science to our mission is to acknowledge the intellectual endeavours in science, engineering and technology within and from around our region. The aim is to stimulate and challenge the community.

“The sciences need people who can be creative and artistic in design. Art finds new ways for our world to be seen. As an example, art provides us with the means to visualise botanical specimens. It depicts the natural world through painting, photography, computer graphics, illustrations, medical scans, and much more. Together, art and science help us interpret, study and explore the world around us. The fact is, the two are in a symbiotic relationship”.


*Taken from The deep relationship between science and art: the symbiosis of knowledge and creativity,

James Stephenson, University of North Georgia, 2017.


Dr Jenni Munday (President)

Christine Cansfield-Smith (Secretary & Manager)

Dr David Lawrence (Treasurer & Archivist)

Peter Leppert (Board member)


George and Sue Fendyk

Geoff and Tess Lucas

Patricia Williams

Barbara Lowery

Leigh and Val Privett

Christine Stewart

Bob Bennett

Sandra Williams

Heidi and Helen Freeman

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