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Art talks

Our very popular Art talks continue to  attract large audiences. They are held on Friday evenings from 5.00 pm; except  where noted otherwise. Everyone can enjoy drinks and nibbles and hear from artists and  other creative professionals from around the region and elsewhere. Gold coin donation. 



Many of our members, their friends and guests enjoy the Art talks and a chance to network with others from the community. 

Due to the caronavirus threat, this workshop has been cancelled.


Friday 14 April 5:00 pm

with Dr Jenni Munday

Jenni is an Associate Professor teaching in the disciplines of Creative Arts and Technology.


She is going to share with us experiences on her recent visit to Iceland and to introduce and show the film Rekaviður, directed by Ines Meier and InkaDewitz. 


Synopsis: The aim of this project is to raise awareness for climate change in the Arctic region via the journey of driftwood, the importance of afforestation for climate mitigation as well as for driftwood‘s vital role in Iceland‘s history and culture.

The documentary film tells the story of the driftwood’s journey, offers insights into its Arctic climate records, its key role in Icelandic history and culture, and much more. 


Friday 5 May 5.00 pm

with Soki Yi Bulmer and Stephan Bulmer

Soki Yi and Stephan Bulmer and their children Orlando and Rosie moved to this region after living in Darwin for nearly 17 years.


Stephan makes classical guitars and Soki Yi teaches classical guitar and Chinese (Mandarin). Stephan and Soki Yi perform as a guitar duo and Stephan as a soloist with a wide ranging repertoire.


They will talk about their experiences and career…and we may also be privileged to have them perform for us!


Friday 2 June 5.00 pm

with Therese Shanley

Therese’s beautiful art works are recognisable in many exhibition display settings around the region.


Her works are predominately about people, places and objects that surround her and that are important to her for inspiration. She often draws on objects from her memory and on things that give her a feeling of nostalgia.


Therese enjoys the beauty and the simplicity in many day-to-day doings, and enjoys using patterns and nature in her works to convey these feelings.


Painting above: The camellia bush.


Our talk with


A riveting talk delivered by H. Fish in March 2020 took us on a journey along the path of humankind’s artistic and social evolution. He reflected on the level of creativity and awareness expressed in works unearthed in recent times. We marvel at the findings, their being, their consciousness, their legacy. We are moved and inspired to our own creativity in present times.

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