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Aussies Knitting for War-Affected Kids

Aussies Knitting for War-Affected Kids (AKWAK) was formed in Australia. 

It is committed to helping children affected by conflict, war displacement. The local Beechworth team is very active. The aim is to provide children in refugee camps with 

handmade clothes, toys, blankets and enrichment items.  


AKWAK builds directly on the founder’s actual work in Kurdistan refugee camps. AKWAK partners with the Australian Syrian Association Victoria (ASAVic). Each year a container filled with aid is sent direct (door-to-door) into Syria. There is no fundraising. 

It all involves direct help such as knitting clothing and toys…and the system actually works!  Further information on the AKWAK Facebook page.

The children in refugee camps live in harsh conditions – wet, muddy and cold. One prized item is a pair of gumboots to keep them warm and dry. 

The Mayday Hills Art Society recently took on the project to collect NEW GUMBOOTS for children (sizes ranging from babies to children of around 16 years). In mid-August these packed into shipping containers and sent with the woollen garments direct 

to Syria for distribution.


All photos above courtesy of AKWAK


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